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Congress Inactivity and Sequestration…

Written by on Monday, February 4th, 2013

With sequestration looming in a mere twenty five days, there is still no compromise in sight from Congress. Unless Congress takes action, which at this point seems very unlikely, sequestration will cause a series of defense spending cuts totaling $500 billion over 10 years.

To date, the House Republicans have had an “offsite retreat” to discuss their position regarding sequestration and the Senate Democrats are having their “offsite retreat” this week to discuss strategy regarding the same. While politicians have retreats, the country is left to wonder where we are headed. In just ten days, the Pentagon will send Congress a request for authorization to furlough civilian workers, of which, over 100,000 Americans could possibly be on the unemployment lines. The civilian workforce in the military make up the backbone of acquisition, logistics, budget, maintenance and continually fill critical roles in supporting the military. As military personnel rotate jobs every two to three years, the civilian workforce have the resident knowledge and continuity that keep the military supported. In addition, the Joint Chiefs have rallied to define the effects that sequestration will have on the military, order valium no prescription stating that if sequestration is allowed to happen the military will be unable to sustain its readiness and it will be a “hollow force”. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta shared a similar belief yesterday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” by saying that if sequester happens, the cuts will directly impact readiness, maintenance and training and it is going to badly damage the future of the United States of America.

So, while the politicians enjoy their retreats and jockey for angles to support their home states and insure their re-election efforts, the country languishes in a leaderless world that is days away from devastating budget cuts that will greatly impact our military. After ten years of sending our military overseas in support of conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq we award these warriors upon their return with the “slap in the face” of cutting their budgets and their support. Once regarded as the strongest military in the free world, the U.S. military will be greatly diminished if the politicians cannot resolve their differences and do what is right for the country.


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