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Will a $487 Billion Budget Cut Hinder U.S. Military?

Written by on Friday, January 27th, 2012

The United States of America currently has the world’s most powerful military, and that title is well earned. We have spent decades developing advanced technology and infrastructure, and we have devoted billions to purchasing the equipment we need to ensure the safety of our country.

So when Department of Defense announced that they were going to cut spending by $487 billion over the course of 10 years, it’s bound to make a few people nervous. Can our military stay up to snuff with much of its budget gone?


Department of Defense officials believe that it can. They have announced that their attempts to trim down the budget will do more good than harm. The main objective of this plan is to cut out as many unnecessary and inefficient areas of the U.S. military as possible. At worst, it will eliminate programs that are performing poorly.

DoD officials assure the public and members of the military that our central sources of power will remain unaffected. The F-35 program, the Navy’s buy generic valium online no prescription aircraft carriers, and the Army’s vehicle programs will remain untouched by the accountants’ red ink.

While these assurances have done much to comfort American citizens, the threat of Congress’ demand for an additional $500 billion cut looms ominously. If this spending cut number more than doubles – and many are afraid that it will – then the U.S. military will almost assuredly need to cut some central items and programs.

Fortunately, the end to the war in Iraq means that a lot of budget-soaking programs will need to be cut anyway. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and other officials are attempting to convince Congress that they can make these budget cuts, but increasing that $487 billion figure will have dire consequences on the potency of the U.S. military.

As the nation attempts to tighten its belt and trim off much of its excess spending, that old adage “No pain, no gain,” will ring sharply in the minds of many Americans, especially those enlisted in the military.

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