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Why the B-2 Is Virtually Invincible

Written by on Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Defense is something of a problem for the Air Force. While it is certainly possible to include auxiliary systems and armor on an aircraft, coating an aircraft in armor can do more harm than good. It is difficult to create a balance between armor plating and flight capability, so much so that the Air Force’s best approach to keeping pilots alive is to avoid getting hit at all.

That is one of the reasons why stealth capabilities are so important for the Air Force. Of course, stealth has the rather significant advantage of also making aircraft incredibly effective at offense. As such, stealth has increasingly become the most important feature of many aircraft.

The B-2 Spirit is perhaps America’s best-known stealth aircraft because of its unorthodox design and popular media attention, and its popularity is well earned.

Every feature of the B-2 is designed to make it as difficult to detect as possible. Not only are its infrared and radar signatures significantly reduced, which makes it extremely difficult to detect with the latest technology, but its quiet buy antibiotics legal engine and black finish make it virtually invisible to normal human senses. Additionally, the B-2 is coated with special materials to further reduce its radar signature.

The B-2’s characteristic flying wing design allows the aircraft to deflect radar waves in specific directions. It is only possible to detect a B-2 if the radar receiver is in a specific location relative to the bomber.

All of this technology allows the B-2 to penetrate deep into enemy territory to strike at the most heavily fortified bases. Capable of flying a lengthy 6,000 nautical miles, the B-2 can take off far from enemy territory, strike at a target, and fly back to friendly territory with plenty of fuel to spare. And when the B-2 does deliver its payload, it will wreak devastation upon its targets. It has 2 internal bays capable of carrying 50,000 pounds of ordinance, and up to 16 nuclear weapons.

All combined, these features make the B-2  Spirit one of the deadliest and stealthiest aircraft available to the U.S. Air Force.

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