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U.S. Reacts to Chinese Cyber Attacks

Written by on Thursday, March 28th, 2013

As stated in his State of Union speech, U.S. President Barack Obama is taking action against cyber threats to protect the economy. U.S. officials have long recognized China as the number one source of cyber attacks and intrusions but are now publically accusing the world power and are seeking stronger defenses and in some cases, strong offensives to prevent further damage.

In 2009, the Chinese gained access to some data from the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program that was considered highly sensitive and critical to the design and development of the F-35. Since that time, the Chinese have openly attacked cyber networks in an attempt to collect proprietary information from various companies as a way to gain critical insight into new technologies. At the time of the intrusions the administration was reluctant to act upon the attacks for fear of alienating a key business partner and a holder of the majority of the debt in the U.S. The administration has recently introduced a new trade-secret policy and has continued diplomatic pressure but both have had little cialis online reviews effect on the past and current cyber attacks.

Corporate espionage affects the ability of a company to remain competitive and the damage to lost revenue cannot be overstated but the U.S. is seeing increased intrusions into its critical infrastructure. In recent months the Chinese have shifted to probing attacks into power grids, financial institutions and air traffic control systems. This change has caused the President to issue a tougher stance on the Chinese and the U.S. Cyber Command has been empowered to put together cyber teams to combat the attacks. Of the 40 cyber teams tasked with combating attacks, 13 teams are being designed for “offensive” actions.

For the past four years the U.S. has been ravaged by malicious cyber attacks from the Chinese and is now finally taking clear and focused action to combat the attacks. The Cyber Command is now engaged and properly resourced to counter the breech to national defense and infrastructure and with the addition of offensive cyber teams, maybe it’s time the U.S. takes the fight to the enemy.

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