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Shortage of DOD Cyber Experts

Written by on Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

With the world actively conducting offensive cyber operations on U.S. industry and U.S. infrastructure, the Department of Defense (DOD) is struggling to keep up with a defense due to a shortage of DOD cyber experts. With government confirmed reports of cyber attacks by multiple countries around the globe, the U.S. is finally pursuing a credible manning posture that could combat the offensive attacks in the future.

The U.S. Cyber Command Chief, General Keith Alexander has created a plan that calls for a growth of his cyber force by more than 6,000 experts and to date, the Cyber Command is not even halfway to its goal. Finding qualified personnel with experience and qualifications has been difficult and given the current hiring freeze in the government and furloughs expected to start next week, it’s been even more difficult to convince potential candidates that a government job is in their best interest. Also, with industry pulling from the same pool of qualified personnel, the government has an up-hill diazepam online no prescription battle in competing with the higher wages and a full-time job from industry.

The goal for the U.S. Cyber Command is to create 40 teams under three banners, the Cyber National Mission Forces, Cyber Combat Mission Forces and Cyber Protection Forces with 13 of the 40 teams dedicated to offensive cyber tactics. In the past, the DOD was focused mainly on defense of U.S. interests but just recently a more offensive philosophy has been adopted by the DOD and the 13 teams under the U.S. Cyber Command are an indication that the U.S. is finally going to take action.

While people with specific cyber skills are in high demand, it’s very likely that the U.S. will look to train a large majority of the less experienced candidates to a level of expertise that could meet the demand but with an evolving enemy and a shortage of DOD cyber experts, the road will undoubtedly be difficult.

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