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Russian Star Wars Missile System

Written by on Monday, September 16th, 2013

The title of this article will undoubtedly put some readers on edge as we begin to understand the true impact of a long range surface-to-air system that can hit missiles with a missile that is being dubbed the Russian Star Wars Missile System. The missile system is currently in development in Russia but it is planned to be operational in 2017.

The Russian Star Wars Missile System or S-500 is capable of destroying missiles that are guiding to Russian soil and is engineered to hit missiles in space if required. The S-500 is a few years away from being operational but Russian sources have said that the missile will have a maximum ceiling of 30 kilometers, which will allow the missile to destroy targets in space. In addition, the missile is expected to have a maximum range of approximately 500 kilometers and will more than likely be guided by the Big Bird acquisition radar and Battle Management radar which are currently in use with similar systems.

It’s interesting to note buy antibiotics no prescription uk that the United States is still in development of its own “Star Wars” missile defense system and has been since the 1980s but still no system exists operationally both inside the U.S. and outside the U.S. In 1983 President Ronald Reagan introduced the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) or Star Wars concept publically for the first time and despite many naysayers, the concept is sound when it comes to defending against rogue nations that are intent on damaging U.S. interests. Yet, despite the early start and the 30 years of development work, the country is still years away from fielding a system that is capable of protecting its borders.

The Russians claim to have the technology and technical acumen to become operational by 2017 but only time will tell whether their timeline estimates prove accurate.  The frustration and discouraging part is that after three decades of funding, development and testing, the U.S. still cannot field a system that was envisioned many years ago.

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