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North Korea- Professional Saber Rattlers?

Written by on Tuesday, April 9th, 2013

Since the end of the Korean Conflict in 1953, North Korea has continually threatened South Korea, the United States and any other nationality that dared to stand-up against the exclusionist country. For the past ten plus years North Korea has actively engaged in the development of weapons grade plutonium in support of building an arsenal of nuclear weapons. Just recently, North Korean has stated that they are actively targeting South Korean sites as well as U.S. bases in Japan. Is this more North Korean saber rattling or is this a legitimate threat?

If history is any indication, North Korean threats are usually in conjunction with posturing for more economic aid and relief from international sanctions. Negotiating from a position of power has always been a tactic of North Korea and this current round of threats could prove to be the same. Regardless of the tactical positioning, the U.S. and South Korea are not taking any chances and are meeting power positioning with power positioning by deploying the B-2 stealth bomber to exercises in South Korea. The deployment of the stealth bombers is intended to send a strong how to buy antibiotics message to Pyongyang regarding the commitment to defending South Korea. The bombers are participating in a joint South Korean and U.S. military exercise that has incensed North Korea and has prompted threatening statements of “unpardonable provocation”  and “The U.S. should not forget that the Andersen base (located at Guam)…as well as naval bases at Japan’s main island and Okinawa, are all within range of our precision target assets.”

As the Obama administration decides how to handle the escalation and aggressive rhetoric, the world watches to see the events unfold. North Korea has performed nuclear weapon tests and makes claims that it’s the eighth member in the nuclear weaponry “club” and with a strong dedication to developing a strategic missile system that can deliver the payload, the U.S. will need to tread lightly. Is the posturing and language by North Korea real or is it more saber rattling? It’s hard to say for sure but being prepared for any possible outcome is certainly prudent and will insure that any escalation by the North Koreans will be acted upon with forethought and pre-planning.


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