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Navy Responds to Sequestration

Written by on Monday, March 4th, 2013

Its official, after much posturing and blame from both the Republicans and Democrats, sequestration is now impacting the Department of Defense (DOD). The DOD now faces unheard of cuts and each branch of service must decide how they will slice budgets that provide national security while still trying to provide a credible deterrent to enemies abroad. The Navy released its formal response to sequestration on the 2nd of March that details the cuts that they will make.

The Navy will delay the repair work on the aircraft carrier, USS Abraham Lincoln, the submarine, USS Miami and the guided missile destroyer, USS Porter, all of which will impact deployments in the future as other ships will need to be extended on current deployments or others are cycled earlier to fill the gaps left by the delayed repair work. In addition to the deferred repair work, the Navy announced that it will shut buy diazepam canada down Carrier Air Wing Two, defer humanitarian deployments to Central and South America, cancel the Blue Angel shows for April and cancel classes for new Pilots and Naval Flight Officers during the month of April, all of which will greatly tarnish the Navy’s image both at home and abroad.

The cuts are in response to mandatory sequestration that was put into effect on the first of March and signify the beginning of a long term effort to cut spending by slashing federal government programs. The other military branches have not announced their proposals for budget cuts but will follow suit shortly. The Navy’s response to sequestration will have lasting effects that will be felt for years to come and although every effort is being taken to not sacrifice current readiness and training, the impacts will be felt in both the defense of country today and the ripple effects of tomorrow.


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