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Military Pension Reduction

Written by on Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

While Congress begins deliberations to extend federal funding for the unemployed, the ink is already dry on a newly signed budget that carves funding from pensions for U.S. military retirees and U.S. military disabled retirees. The budget was approved by both the House of Representatives and the Senate and provides a percentage reduction in military pension cost-of-living increases for military retirees less than 62 years of age. The plan was crafted by House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R., Wis.) and Senate Budget Committee Chairman Patty Murray (D., Wash.) and recently signed by President Barrack Obama.

military pension reduction

The plan itself is intended to produce $6 billion in savings over ten years by taking earned pensions from U.S. military members. With over 12 years of constant overseas battles in the War on Terrorism, military members will be welcomed home with a reduction in their retirement pensions. Constant deployments, continuous training cycles, and time away from loved ones for months and sometimes years with an understanding that if they can survive all the hardships, buy antibiotics online from mexico they will be rewarded with a modest pension after twenty years of service, but after Congress and the President signed the new budget act that will now be reduced.  

military pension reduction

With a President who has never served in the military and a Congress with the lowest number of military veterans amongst its membership in decades, it’s not surprising that military pensions would become a bartering item for reducing costs. The savings will actually be miniscule compared to the overall defense budget and the overall federal budget but the message sent to the military will be powerful. Serve your country, go to war when Congress deems it necessary, become a casualty, lose a limb and risk loss of life and in return we will reward you with a reduced pension. The message to sailors, soldiers, airmen and Marines is very loud and clear and with an all-volunteer military that includes disabled American warfighters, the budgetary games are appalling.

military pension reduction

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