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JTAC Helmet Mounted Display

Written by on Thursday, June 20th, 2013

Imagine if you will, a Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) assigned to coordinate aircraft in support of ground troops and the burdened nature of the job to recognize a threat on the battlefield, reference a map to determine the placement of the threat, copy the coordinates to a piece of paper, contact an aircraft to pass along the target description and coordinates, have the aircraft read back the target description and coordinates and then execute the attack, only to have the target move to another location and being forced to start the whole process over again. Well, if this seems cumbersome and slow, you’d be right but with Raytheon’s new JTAC Helmet Mounted Display called the Advanced Warfighter Awareness for Real-time Engagement (AWARE), the process can be accomplished in a matter of seconds.


During the Paris Air Show, Raytheon has introduced the JTAC Helmet Mounted Display or AWARE system that allows a JTAC the ability to look thru a monocle glass purchase cialis online device that projects terrain and digital displays of friendly and enemy forces into the eyes of the JTAC. Using a wrist display to assign targeting, the JTAC can now literally look at the threat, press a button that designates the coordinates and automatically assign the target to an aircraft in a matter of seconds. No more maps, pencils and paper required. Once digitally assigned to an aircraft, the coordinates are loaded into a bomb and the aircraft starts the ingress into the target area to release his weapons. All of this happens in a matter of seconds vice the minutes that it took without the assistance of technology.

With efficiencies to be realized by the speed of target designation to target destruction and a reduction in human errors, the time is now to fully realize a digital battlefield and embrace the new technology that will serve ground forces well and the JTAC Helmet Mounted Display is leading the way.

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