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Japan Purchases 42 F-35s

Written by on Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

In many ways, the F-35 is a super plane. It may not be the single fastest, stealthiest, or most maneuverable jet ever made, but when a plane gets a solid A in all categories, it more than makes up for it. The F-35 focuses on all-around excellence in virtually every category, making it an excellent aircraft for most missions.

One of the unique advantages of the F-35 is that its reliability has enabled the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter Program to exist. Through the JSF, America and its allies are replacing existing fighter, strike, and ground attack aircraft with the F-35. This interactivity between the U.S. and other countries promotes diplomatic relations, collaboration, and teamwork.

Japan has just thrown in with countries like Norway, Italy, and Canada by agreeing to purchase 42 F-35s. The Japanese how to buy antibiotics online uk military believes that the F-35’s diverse capabilities will enable it to meet the changing demands of aerial combat.

With Japan joining the ever-growing team of F-35 supporters, the future of the F-35 looks bright, despite the persistence of economic turmoil. Even as military budgets are cut, countries are willing to invest billions into the F-35 program.

Japan’s decision to purchase these aircraft was well timed, considering the recent demise of Kim Jong Il. With the increased potential for political turmoil in North Korea, Japan is wise to invest in greater military capabilities. For the 50,000 American troops currently stationed in Japan, this will be welcome news.

Predictably, Lockheed Martin celebrates Japan’s purchase. This major victory for Lockheed Martin only serves to strengthen the reputation of the F-35 and the reliability of the JSF program.

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