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HUD in the Google Glass

Written by on Tuesday, July 30th, 2013

Most people have heard of the new development called Google Glass that is being designed to integrate a pair of sunglasses with a computer that is capable of taking pictures, record and send videos, provide GPS aided directions in color, send and receive text messages and perform Google searches. The goal is to have all this information available in a non-intrusive format that is available in the form of glasses. With every technology comes an adaption phase and the aviation community is researching the potential to have a HUD in the Google Glass.

A HUD or Head-Up Display is a sophisticated piece of technology that allows for critical flight information to be displayed while looking out of the cockpit. Prior to HUD technology, aircrew were forced to look down inside the cockpit to determine their attitude, altitude, velocity, rate of descent/ascent and navigational position. With the development of HUD technology, aircrew can now look outside and also have the same order valium 10mg information available to them, which increases their lookout scan and keeps their eyes fixed on terrain avoidance, landing techniques and traffic avoidance.

With Google Glass being developed and commercially available for $500 by the end of the year, aviation enthusiasts are exploring the possibility of incorporating a HUD in the Google Glass. Although not officially a requirement of Google Glass, the potential is firmly there and with an application that could use aircraft data to drive the information; the capability is probably not far off.

General aviation pilots that have longed for a HUD in their cockpits may not have to wait much longer and at a fraction of the cost of fully integrated HUD hardware package, the Google Glass may be exactly what is needed. The obvious benefits of safety in the cockpit and increased situational awareness cannot be overstated and having a HUD in the Google Glass will undoubtedly change the aviation standard for years to come.


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