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F-35 Soars Through 2011 with Flying Colors

Written by on Friday, January 13th, 2012

There has been a lot of praise for the F-35 recently. Is that all just hot air, or does the famous F-35 really live up to expectations? As we all know, actions speak louder than words, so throughout 2010, Lockheed Martin set out to prove the capabilities of the F-35.

The jet went above and beyond the call of duty, performing admirably in virtually every test. Looking back at 2010 in review, here are 5 reasons why Lockheed Martin is rightfully proud of the F-35.

1. Top Speed Test: Check

Lockheed Martin projected that the top speed of the F-35 would peak at Mach 1.6, or 1217 mph. On October 25, 2010, an F-35 pilot soared through the sky at Mach 1.6.

2. Carrier Landings: Check-Plus

October was a big month for the F-35. A three-week testing period in October saw a total of 72 short takeoffs and 72 vertical landings, ensuring that the F-35 cheap valium no rx will continue to be the go-to jet, even for amphibious assaults.


3. Vertical Landings: Check-Plus

The F-35B model is the most expensive of the 3 basic F-35 variants, and for good reason. This model is capable of short take offs and vertical landings, which makes it capable of operating in virtually any location. F-35Bs successfully conducted 268 vertical landings in 2011, a massive improvement on the 10 vertical landings in 2010.

4. Aerial Refueling: Check

F-35 pilots managed to successfully perform aerial refueling with KC-135 and KC-10s.

5. EMALS Compatibility: Check

While we can’t say the same thing for e-mails, F-35s have demonstrated compatibility with EMALS technology. The U.S. Navy has been working on the Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System, a catapult system capable of launching jets from a carrier. EMALS is an upgrade over previous catapult systems because it accelerates more gradually, thereby placing less stress on the air craft’s frame.


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