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Chinese UAVs –On the Path to Export Dominance

Written by on Friday, July 26th, 2013

What country has the technological base, production capability and government support to threaten most every market in the world? If your answer was China, you’d be correct. With annual growth of over seven percent and a production capacity that is unmatched, its challenging to find a product that is not built in China nowadays and with a keen interest in building its military base and a government willing to sell weapons and arms to foreign countries, it’s just a matter of time before Chinese UAVs proliferate the export market.

During the Paris Airshow last month, Chinese UAVs were on display in full glory. Although some were models and have yet to become operational, they do demonstrate a commitment from the Chinese government to the pursuit of UAV technology and a willingness to market to other countries. Currently, both the United States and Israel are the two countries with an established UAV development program with a history of exporting UAVs to other countries but with an unwillingness to sell UAVs to specific countries in Africa and Asia, the market buy antibiotics in dubai remains largely untapped.

Ian Easton, research fellow at the Washington-based Project 2049 Institute is convinced that China is poised to become a major exporter of UAVs, “China is developing advanced unmanned systems, including UAVs for strategic ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) and precision-strike missions, under conditions that virtually guarantee that they will have an export advantage over other nations.”

The significance of Chinese UAVs reaching out to nations that haven’t been given the opportunity to purchase UAVs is that they will undoubtedly make sales that are counter to U.S. polices and it also serves notice to the rest of the world that China is firmly established in the sale of military equipment around the globe. In addition, it alerts the world that it’s just a matter of time before the Chinese bring their full manufacturing capacity to all military equipment and become a lower cost, higher quality solution for new customers which will undoubtedly shift the balance away from the number one exporter of military equipment, currently held by the United States.

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