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AUVSI 2013 –The World’s Conference for UAVs

Written by on Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

From 12-15 August 2013, the world converged on the capitol city of Washington D.C. to attend the largest Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) conference in the world. With over 8,000 attendees and well over 550 exhibits, the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI 2013) organization put on quite the show.


AUVSI is at the forefront of UAV issues and development and has served as the host of the annual conference for over thirty years. AUVSI is the world’s largest non-profit organization devoted exclusively to advancing the unmanned systems and robotics community and with well over 7,000 total members, AUVSI has the pulse on all UAV activities.

The AUVSI 2013 conference included a general session that opened every morning with a guest government speaker who spoke on topics ranging from “UAV Integration into the National Airspace” to the “Future of UAVs in the United States Navy”, which was presented by Rear Admiral Mat Winter. The general sessions were followed by the opening of the exhibit hall which showcased hundreds of vendors buy cialis 10mg pitching their products and demonstrating UAV technologies in hopes of teaming with a large project or impressing the government and civilian customers that walked the floor.

In addition to the general session and exhibit floor, the AUVSI 2013 conference included multiple speaker sessions designed to address topics affecting the UAV world. The speaker sessions were held all week and consisted of experts in the field giving a brief on a particular subject material and ranged from a discussion on the first aircraft carrier landing by an UAV (X-47B) to a 50 versus 50 UAV aerial engagement competition that was being orchestrated by the Navy Postgraduate School as a means to further our understanding of “sense and avoid” and autonomous navigation technology.

Given the sheer volume of interesting lectures and exhibits, it was very difficult to absorb all the information being presented but by all accounts, the AUVSI 2013 conference was a smashing success and this blog writer looks forward to next year’s conference in Orlando, Florida.

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