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Air Force’s Warrior Challenge Promotes Airman Fitness

Written by on Monday, January 16th, 2012

It’s safe to assume that members of the U.S. military will be in top physical condition. Not only does the military maintain standards for all members, but the military also puts every person through intense physical fitness exercises and training sessions. As a result, civilians associate with military personnel with strength, endurance, and peak physical fitness.

It makes sense why we would put so much emphasis on the physical prowess of military personnel, but physical fitness isn’t everything, especially in the U.S. Air Force, where mental capabilities can be much more significant. While physical fitness is certainly important for members of the Air Force, the ability to make lightning-fast decisions, excellent hand-eye coordination, and teamwork can be just as important.

On January 11, the 379th Expeditionary Wing held a competition to stress the importance of Comprehensive Airman Fitness. This event, called the Warrior Challenge, pitted 10 teams against each other in a series of riddles, games, and obstacle buy cialis online us courses. Even though the purpose of the Warrior Challenge was to increase awareness of fitness in the military, this competition would have looked right at home on any modern game show.

The teams had to complete a series of challenges in order to progress, but the challenges weren’t always as straightforward as the competitors expected. After completing a hand-eye coordination test to sink a certain number of points with basketballs, the clue to the next challenge was hidden within a complicated math problem.

These highly varied challenges represented the four components of Comprehensive Airman Fitness: physical, social, mental, and spiritual.

Many participating Airmen reported that they enjoyed the experience, which was a refreshing change when compared to mission briefs and PowerPoint presentations. These tests succeeded in highlighting the importance of Comprehensive Airmen Fitness, with the added benefit of creating bonds of camaraderie among participants, bonds that are crucial for the success of the U.S. Air Force.

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