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3-D Audio System for Pilots -An Increase in Survivability

Written by on Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013

Imagine flying your FA-18 Super Hornet into enemy territory and despite assurances from the intelligence community that all threats have been suppressed; a SA-6 mobile Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM) is launched at your aircraft. Luckily your Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) was able to detect the incoming missile and give an audio cue into your helmet headset that the missile is locked on to your aircraft. The RWR creates a very noticeable audio tone that directs your attention to look at your Heads-up Display (HUD) to determine the direction of the threat. Now imagine the same scenario but with a 3-D audio system for pilots that creates a directional audio cue to alert the pilot directly to the threat. Instead of hearing the RWR audio cue and then looking at the HUD to determine the direction of the threat, the pilot can determine the threat’s location by audio direction of arrival.

A 3-D audio system for pilots is no longer a science fiction dream but is now a reality and is actively cialis online no rx being marketed by Raytheon at the Paris Air Show. The concept has been in existence for many years but the threat detection systems were not of sufficient accuracy to provide detailed azimuth inputs for a 3-D audio system.

In addition to threat direction of arrival, Raytheon has also incorporated the radios into the 3-D audio system for pilots that allow aircrew to have improved situational awareness to the direction of radio transmissions. For example, if your wingman is engaged with the enemy and is calling for assistance, the pilot can now accurately determine the direction of the transmission instead of relying upon antiquated bearing and range information from a known location.

The 3-D audio system can greatly improve the situational awareness and survivability of aircraft that are placed in harm’s way and with a similar system installed on ground vehicles to determine the direction of arrival of sniper gunfire; it’s high time that the aviation communities embrace this very capable and necessary technology.

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