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2013 California State Science Fair- Youthful Ingenuity

Written by on Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

With over 1000 kids competing in categories from Aerodynamics to Zoology, the 2013 California State Science Fair kicked off today with tremendous exuberance and excitement. For two days, kids ranging from 6th graders to 12th graders put their experiments on display for judges in the California Exposition Park at the University of Southern California. With kids first competing at their local schools against other classmates, they must first impress judges enough to qualify for their county competition and then must place first among county contestants to gain a seat at the state level.

To make it to the 2013 California State Science Fair the kids had to complete an experiment complete with correct scientific methodology, scientific notebook, data, charts, abstract, procedures, and results and summarize their efforts in a 3’x 5’tri-fold poster board. At the local level, the poster board is reviewed by local academia and then the kids must present their projects to judges as they ask detailed questions to really understand how much kids learned from their science projects. Once the judging is complete, the scores are tallied and the top two kids buy antibiotics no prescription from each category are invited to the county level to begin the judging process again. At the county level, only the first place contestants are invited to compete at the state level where they join over 1000 fellow county winners in various categories for the chance to lay claim to the title, “Best in State”.

To say that the science projects at the state-level are impressive would be a huge understatement. The science projects at the 2013 California State Science Fair are simply amazing and are true testaments to the intellect of the youth of America. From a science experiment that explores the best spoiler angle for a vehicle in a wind tunnel to an experiment that compares the growth of garden beans when exposed to various levels of electro-magnetic fields, the projects are incredibly insightful and detailed. The next great innovation in U.S. technology or the next breakthrough in scientific discovery could be found in the halls of Exposition Park and with a heavy dose of youthful enthusiasm and innovation the future of American ingenuity seems like it’s in very capable hands.

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