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Presidential Candidate Putin Promises Russia Hundreds of ICBMs & Jets

Written by on Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

While the US military is continuing to develop new technology for the future of warfare, the US government is tightening its belt and cutting spending. Budget cuts are limiting the options of the USAF, and some plans could lead to the US scrapping many of its nuclear missiles.

In rather stark contrast to this trend, Russian Prime Minister and presidential candidate Vladimir Putin is promising an impressive array of new military toys. While this sounds like a push towards increased armament, it is not actually as aggressive as it might sound.

Within the next decade, as many as 400 of Russia’s nuclear missiles will hit their expiration date, which would reduce the number of ICBMs held by Russia by more than half. To ease the concerns of Russian citizens, Putin is promising to replace these aging ICBMs with newer models. As an end result, the number of Russian ICBMs will remain roughly the same. In addition, he plans to enhance and upgrade buying cialis online virtually every other feature of the Russian military, including:

100 military spacecraft
600 modern aircraft
1,000 helicopters
Dozens of air defense systems and missiles

It is not particularly surprising that Russia is continuing to focus on military advancement as a means to protect itself. Russian officials have warned that they still intend to use nuclear weapons to counter any threat to their national security. And with China’s economy on the rise, leading to rapid militarization and the development of their own 5th generation fighter, the Chengdu J-20, it’s enough to make an American nervous.

Of course, all of these plans could be rendered moot if, on March 4th, one of Putin’s competitors wins the Russian presidency. He is up against 4 other presidential hopefuls, with his closest competitor being Gennady Zyuganov, the current leader of the Communist party.

Hopefully, America’s continued advancements in the field of military technology, our numerous allies, and our impressive arsenal will allow the USA to remain safe and secure.

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