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Towards a Standardized Aircraft: The Universal Mask

Written by on Sunday, December 18th, 2011

With military aircraft costing billions of dollars, pilots can expect nearly every component around them to be high-tech and expensive. When piloting an aircraft with a propulsion system that represents the peak in American engineering achievement, and which carries weapons that are both devastating and top secret, it can be easy to overlook the simple and relatively low-tech components of modern aircraft.

The mask, for example, may not cost millions of dollars to produce, but that does not make them any less important to pilots. In many ways, an aircraft’s mask is just as important as its engines, as a faulty mask could just as easily cause a crash.

The Joint Service Aircrew Mask-Fixed Wing Program has not overlooked this basic and vital component of aircraft, and they are working to develop a standardized, user-friendly, and flexible mask that can be used on all future aircraft.

Engineers have good reason to reinvent the mask. Learning all of the intricate functions of a new aircraft can be daunting enough for pilots. By creating a standardized mask, however, the military intends to allow cialis online 10mg pilots to worry about one less thing when they’re in the air. This new mask could shave hours of preparation time off of future missions.

When building this new air mask, engineers have to consider every possible function, aircraft, and pilot. To that end, they have made design choices that would benefit pilots in every possible situation. The mask is less bulky than many previous models, and it also boasts a better breathing track and enhanced visibility. Additionally, the filter canister can attach to either side of the mask to accommodate pilots who sit on the left or right of the cockpit.

JSAM-FW is currently testing the mask with pilots, and working with these seasoned experts to respond to feedback and make any suggested changes. The mask that is emerging from this process is, in a way, designed by and for fighter pilots.

Ultimately, this mask program will save time, money, and potentially lives. The more familiar and comfortable a pilot is with each component of his aircraft, the more effortless and natural flying an aircraft will become.

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