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Liquid Body Armor Light, Flexible, Invulnerable

Written by on Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

A good suit of Kevlar body armor could be a soldier’s last line of defense. While the armor adds a bit of weight and can be a bit bulky, most soldiers welcome the extra layer of protection. It is an indisputable fact that Kevlar body armor has saved many lives. Unfortunately, Kevlar is not completely impervious to all weapons, so soldiers who wear Kevlar are still at risk.

That is why military contractors are developing a form of liquid body armor that can more flexible, lighter, and tougher than their military predecessors. The whole concept of body armor made of liquid sounds fairly of absurd, but it is actually extremely effective. The molecules of liquid body armor work by sliding past each other, but they stiffen and create a nearly impenetrable wall whenever a fast-moving object collides with it.

The molecules work on a principle similar to a crowd of people. If you want to move through a large crowd, the only way to do it is to move slowly and carefully. If you try to sprint full speed through the group, you won’t make it more than a few feet before you end up with broken bones.

The comparatively cialis generic slow and casual movements of soldiers will not cause the gel to harden, but the harsh impacts of bullets will immediately trigger the hardening reaction. To demonstrate the point, Kevlar armor that is coated in the thickening agent causes bullets that hit it bounce off. Bullets that hit untreated Kevlar will collide with the armor and stick to it.

This new technology offers a variety of potential advantages to soldiers. Not only would liquid body armor be less bulky and stronger, but it could also be lighter than Kevlar. On top of all this, an entire suit of liquid armor will likely be cheaper to produce then Kevlar.

This type of breakthrough in military technology is like a dream come true. They can have stronger, faster, and lighter armor. And because liquid body armor could become significantly cheaper than standard body armor, protective armor will become more accessible. Even law enforcement and prisons would be able to afford suits of armor. While liquid body armor still needs to be tested extensively in order to see how it withstands general wear and tear, it appears as though U.S. soldiers are getting an upgrade in personal safety technology.

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