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Honeycomb Tires All the Buzz for Army Vehicles

Written by on Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Gunfire is not just a danger in warfare, but an inevitability. It is vital to keep soldiers and crucial military equipment protected against bullets.

Tires, despite their simplicity, can pose a difficult problem. Tires are some of the most vulnerable and prominently displayed parts of a vehicle, making them easy targets for enemy gunfire. Tires that can resist damage from bullets or explosives have become a worthwhile goal for many military designers.

One such bullet-resistant tire that the military has used is the run-flat tire, which is a pneumatic tire capable of operating even after it has been punctured by a bullet. While vehicles fitted with run-flat tires certainly have an advantage over cars with standard wheels, the run-flat tires can only operate at reduced speeds and for a relatively short distance. If run-flat tires are strained beyond their recommended speed or distance, they could fail entirely.

Resilient Technologies has lived up to its namesake by developing a much more reliable bullet-proof tire. Their tire is composed of a series of hexagons, a bit like a honeycomb, strategically placed to ensure that pressure is evenly distributed across the entire wheel.

Hexagons are something of a phenomenon in nature. Structures buy valium diazepam that use hexagons can fill all empty space without leaving gaps. Additionally, hexagons are surprisingly strong. Despite the enormous holes spread throughout the tires, these honeycomb tires will be able to withstand the weight of a vehicle and the intense wear-and-tear of military use.

Best of all, bullets will have little or no impact on tires. A bullet might damage one side of a hexagon, but the rest of the tire will remain intact. A fortunate coincidence of the holes is that they also become more resistant to explosives. With a smaller surface area exposed to bombs, these tires will take less overall damage from IEDs or other devices.

Once military vehicles have been outfitted with these futuristic tires, troops will gain much more reliable vehicles. The number of cases of troops stranded on the side of the road due to a stray bullet should drop dramatically.

While tire technology might seem like a minor concern, for some soldiers it can make the difference between life and death. An old poem gives the warning, “For want of a nail, the war was lost.”

What could we lose for want of a tire?

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