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Twitter, Facebook Valuable Tools in Air Force Arsenal

Written by on Saturday, December 24th, 2011

The United States has a reputation for getting involved in the affairs of other countries, which is sure to ruffle a few feathers. And as a branch of the military, the Air Force is often the target of resentment. Despite the fact that the U.S. Air Force performs an invaluable service to our country and occasionally to the world at large, it can sometimes come under fire.

That is why the Air Force, like so many other celebrities and corporations, has entered the social media world. The Internet essentially presents the Air Force with a free tool to advertise and counteract negative publicity.

The Internet often acts a forum where anybody can publicly criticize the Air Force. It is always difficult to predict when and where a butterfly effect will occur, causing a seemingly innocent post to explode into a viral event.

So, in much the same way that the Air Force has public relations officials and attempts to maintain a good image, the Air Force is also willing to spend time and money towards maintaining a good web image. With a Twitter page, Facebook profile, and LinkedIn account, the U.S. Air Force is fully legal to buy antibiotics online armed, so to speak, to combat bad publicity online.

Just as every mission requires specialized equipment, the Air Force is not going to send Air Force advocates into the cyber battlefield without proper training. This flow chart teaches Air Force officials and advocates the best way to handle negative comments about the Air Force or the U.S. military in general.

While focusing on social media networks might seem pointless to many, it is dangerous to underestimate the impact of these kinds of websites and services. Because of the vast interconnectivity of the Internet, negative comments or positive endorsement could have far reaching or permanent effects on the reputation of the military. Moreover, the ability of the Air Force to communicate with the citizens of foreign countries enables the military to counter much of the foreign propaganda developed by enemies.

Not all of the best weapons involve explosives, and not all of the best pieces of defensive technology involve bullet-proof shields. The ability to influence public opinion, both at home and abroad, can be more useful and powerful than some of the fastest jets in the world

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