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Is the U.S. Losing its Technology Edge?

Written by on Monday, November 26th, 2012

Unless your head has been in the sand, you know that the U.S. no longer lays claim to having the advantage over other countries when it comes to its technology edge. The U.S. is methodically being torn apart by other countries that can produce a greater number of scientists and engineers and has the ability to counter any technology advantage enjoyed by the U.S. by stealing the intellectual property via cyber-attacks or corporate espionage.

How did this happen you ask? Where did the advantage go? Well for starters, the U.S. has slowly become overwhelmed by other countries’ emphasis on engineering and science. Amy Guttman, the President of the University of Pennsylvania has recently stated, “Chinese and Indians are graduating tens of thousands move very talented science, math and engineering graduates from college.” The growth and emphasis placed on high technology based degrees from other countries has been nothing short of spectacular and although the U.S. may drift away from the engineering and science degrees, the rest of the world is embracing the degrees.

In addition to losing the foothold in the education battle, the U.S. is also struggling with maintaining technology advantages. Cyber-attacks and forms of corporate espionage are on the upswing and although policymakers and Congress buy valium uk scramble to set guidelines, U.S.  corporations and industry is being bombarded by hackers that work their way thru firewalls and security protocols to steal the very intellectual property that the U.S. has tried so hard to foster. General Keith Alexander, head of the military’s Cyber Command called the continuing rampant cyber theft, “the greatest transfer of wealth in history.”

Knowing the problem is the first step to achieving a solution and the U.S. recognizes an adjustment is needed, that is why the U.S. is actively seeking options to turn the tide. A renewed interest in engineering and science fields are being promoted across all levels and Congress has issued numerous programs to instill the importance of technology fields into education. The programs are intended to kick-start the interest of the younger generation and make it “cool to be a nerd” again. On the intellectual property front, the U. S. Department of Defense is pursuing an aggressive stance on attackers by deterring attacks by having strong forensic means to locate and hold them accountable.

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