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Air Force One: Version Two

Written by on Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

As part of the Pentagon’s aviation plans, a new or fully upgraded Air Force One is likely on the horizon. The new Air Force One model will replace both of the aging VC-25s, which have served the presidents of the United States since the early 1990s.

Details of the new model are currently sketchy, but it is certain that it will include the latest communication tools and aviation technology. The plan is in fact so nebulous that it is currently unknown as to whether the next Air Force One will be a completely new aircraft, or if the USAF will simply modify existing aircraft or upgrade the the VC-25.

The main motivation to get a better presidential jet in the skies is to make use of much more efficient technology. Air Force One’s current quad-engine design is making it something of a gas guzzler. If President Obama truly wants to push towards more sustainable energy alternatives, then he will need to lead by example by traveling in an efficient jetliner. Upgrading or replacing Air Force One is occasionally necessary, certainly, but this plan may have its roots in political buy cialis australia agenda rather than need. With plans to build a greener Air Force One in the works, Obama can point to that example during the upcoming presidential election.

Still, it is important not to read too deeply into the political motives of the Pentagon. The need for a fully upgraded Air Force One is real; in 2011, Air Force Secretary Michael Donley acknowledged that a new Air Force One was on the horizon.

Aviation technology may not have progressed in leaps and bounds since 1990, but communication technology certainly has. A whole range of new communication tools has risen to prominence in the past two decades, so equipping the next Air Force One with these capabilities will give the president a much-needed boost in modernized communication tools. After all, social media and all of the high-tech gadgets that facilitate it came out long after 1990.

More than likely, Boeing will be the only bidder for the project. To encourage competitive pricing, however, the Air Force is considering opening bids for the communication equipment to other companies.

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