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4 Opportunities to Support Our Troops this Independence Day

Written by on Friday, June 29th, 2012

The Fourth of July is just around the corner, and people all across America will be celebrating the country’s 236th birthday! The holiday will remind us of the importance of the principles of freedom and equality upon which our nation was founded, and will be a great opportunity to support our troops.

Support our troops!

You know, that’s a phrase that you hear all the time. You see it on bumper stickers, in commercials, as part of politicians’ speeches, and you might even hear people mention that they support our troops during a normal, everyday conversation. For as much as we say that oh-so-popular phrase, how many of you have actually supported our troops beyond buying the bumper sticker? How many of you have tried to make a difference for people out there who could use your help?

I remember stories my dad used to tell me about my grandfather. A veteran himself, my grandfather would frequently come across freshly released soldiers who were hitchhiking on their way back to home. Every single time my grandfather saw one of these soldiers — without fail — he would pick him up, drive the guy hours towards his destination (even if it was out of his way), treat him to dinner, and slap a $20 in his hand when it was all said and done. He was just that kind of person.

Well, now’s a good time to actually back up your claim that you support our troops with some action. I’m going to present a few special Independence Day opportunities so that you can truly make a difference.

Living Social USO Package

For just $25, the United Service Organization will send a care package valued at $50 to a deployed soldier. Even if we can’t bring them back to the States, we can still send a little piece of home to them. The USO is nonprofit, so the only people to benefit from your donations are the troops. The deal buy antibiotics greece lasts from now until July 4th.


Any Soldier’s $50,000 Pledge Drive

Any Soldier, an organization that aims to make sure that every soldier gets packages and mail from the US, started a fund drive this April. They hope to hit their $50,000 goal by July 4th. Make their dreams (and a soldier’s dream) come true by donating here.


Marfood USA Wants to Give Soldiers a Taste of Home

What do you think troops dream about when they miss home? Their family? Definitely. Their faithful dog? You bet. But what about a burger? Of all the things that soldiers miss about home, home-style American cooking has to be near the top of the list.

Marfood USA, which makes Pammican Beef Jerky, is going to send $100,000 worth of beef jerky to troops. And for every bag of Pammican Beef Jerky that you buy, Marfood USA will ship out one additional bag for Operation Gratitude. One soldier sent back a thank you letter: “The guys and I really appreciate your thoughts. The items included were spot on. Being an old country boy, the beef jerky hit the spot. Thanks for what you do for us.”

Pizza for Patriots

The title for this organization is pretty self-explanatory, isn’t it? A pizza lover is delivering a slice of home to troops, and this year he hopes to send 30,000 pizzas troops abroad. So far, his nonprofit organization has delivered over 50,000 pizzas to troops, which includes the 10,000 pizzas they sent out for Super Bowl Sunday. Help their cause here!

And don’t forget: if none of these appeal to you, you can always make a gift yourself! There’s nothing stopping you from taking matters into your own hands and sending a package to someone you personally know who’s serving abroad. Not only will it be a touching gesture, but it might be preferable for people who like to hand out green, trendy gifts, or for those of you who prefer to make your gifts by hand.

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