Need expert military consulting? Our team of over 50 military specialists will help you win contracts, make your movie or video game more realistic, or provide hands-on training for your staff.

About Strike Fighter Consulting Inc.


Strategic Advantage With Strike Fighter Consulting

  • Technical and tactical expertise you need from current warfighters
  • Current military experience to guide and shape new technologies
  • Globally networked military and civilian consultants
  • Targeted recruitment for future requirements
  • Flexible subject matter experts on call, as required by the client

Strike Fighter Consulting (SFC) is a military consulting company that delivers the warfighter to the customer by providing current and diverse expertise to the Department of Defense (DOD) Industry. SFC was founded upon the principle that understanding the battlefield requires an understanding of what is required from the perspective of the warfighter. SFC consists of over 50 current and ex-military warfighters that represent the US Navy, US Air Force, US Marines and US Army. Its expertise ranges from fighter pilots, bomber pilots, and test pilots to mission commanders, intelligence specialists, and special operation forces.

SFC will deliver to its customers a single message of unbiased, uncompromising dedication to providing the DOD Industry an unfiltered view from “the trenches” with the end user’s best interest in mind. SFC will endeavor to match its customer’s needs to specific military consultants that bring a wealth of experience and expertise. SFC consultants have participated in numerous military operations, and have been at the forefront of executive-level decision-making across the world, and have been key players in many major contract awards. SFC is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB).