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Engineering Programs for Kids

Written by on Wednesday, March 6th, 2013

The U.S. may be lagging behind other countries in the number of engineers it graduates from college but engineering programs for kids is set to change all that.  With India and China graduating four to seven times the number of engineers as the U.S., it is up to our educators to instill an appreciation into the youth of America to bolster the future of the country.

Great minds are at work on educating the next generation. Organizations have already formed for exactly this purpose, among them is YES! (Young Engineers and Scientists) and EYH (Expanding Your Horizons). Both organizations hold a yearly conference at various locations. “It is really important to spark interest in future engineers and scientists,” says Yendis L., a volunteer. “Around 300 kids attended the conference, and after the conference, 90% of them said they would pursue a career in engineering through the government. I’ve never seen anything like it!”

Aside from the highly effective yearly conferences, some schools are now offering yearlong engineering elective courses. The students participate in hands-on ordering cialis online experience in building and planning projects such as windmills or cars. They can get an early taste of important physics that will help them and encourage them later in their career.

If all of that doesn’t encourage kids to pursue engineering, maybe a scholarship will. The government is now offering scholarships to college students in exchange for a job after college. Whatever college that accepts the students is paid for by the government and it encourages them to excel in the fields of science and engineering.

So, maybe our next generation won’t be so bad. They’re actually looking pretty good! America’s future is bright thanks to the educators of future engineers. Now, Little Timmy might grow up to find the green energy source for the Joint Strike Fighter. Mary may design an efficient laser gun for foot soldiers or find a way to not use foot soldiers at all! No matter what you do in educating the next generation, America is one step closer to saving lives and defeating our future enemies.


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